How to attend the open web lounge

You as a taker

Two rooms will be streamed. No need to register an account, just watch. But you will not be able to ask questions or start a followup discussion. Requirements: internet connection,a modern browser, sound output device.

You as a maker

Feel very welcome to join the unconference as a registered user. Registration is required for joining the video/vr rooms, the chat, and for adding to the collaborative notes. The conference chat channel (related to the session room) is also the place to address questions to the speakers. Requirements: a modern browser like Firefox, sound output, a microphone (optional), and a reliable internet connection. If you want to send your smile to the other attendees, a webcam is your friend.

Please register your user account now. (Takes 15 min max.)

Your best starting point is the chat.

Our toolset

We use BigBlueButton for video conferencing. To scale the BBB instances we use BBBatscale. Streaming works through open streaming platform. Our prefered chat solution is The collaborative notes/documentation is powered by codiMD. The complete software stack is self-hosted on servers in Germany and therefore fully in line with the GDPR. Great thanks to and for the IT support! Our social get-together will take place in


Baddý Sonja Breidert

Why our company contributes massively to open source.

Digitalization Panel

A panel discussion of digital transformation questions from different points of view.

Alex Sander

Public Money, Public Code. Brought to you by the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Erhard Paul Meier

Corona, gardening and the fine arts.